We welcomed a new couple to our #ANHFamily last week and we’d like you to meet them! Raghad and Mujahid got engaged last year and plan to get married this December. Mujahid has been a long-time friend of ours and we’re so excited to celebrate this special moment in his life. It was my first time meeting Raghad and she was incredibly sweet and genuine. From our conversation over the phone prior to her arriving to MN, I knew she would be amazing. On camera, they were both photogenic, full of laughter and love which made every photo perfect. If I could copy/paste their energy and attitude into each session I photograph, I totally would!!

As you scroll through these images you’ll fall in love with their smiles and the way they look at one another! I cannot WAIT for their wedding day! Raghad and Mujahid, thank you for letting me take you all over Mill Ruins Park last week, you’re so much fun to spend time with and I honestly think I could have stayed and talked with you all night! Hope you enjoyed this session as much as I did!

We wish you two a blessed and happy engagement ahead and we welcome you to the #ANH Family! 

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