This session was beautiful! It was my first time photographing at the Lyndale Rose Garden in Minneapolis and it’s a gem of a place. We planned this session for weeks, praying the weather doesn’t disappoint. When we checked the forecast the week of, it said 80% chance of rain! Knowing Minnesota and its unpredictable wedding, we prayed for great weather and started preparing for a plan B just in case. It rained earlier in the day but nothing like what was anticipated so plan A was still on. I arrived early to checkout the location and spotted a few areas with the best light. Sweet Asha and Nabeel arrived shortly after with their families and we had a great time capturing their special moment.

Asha and Nabeel had their Nikah (Muslim wedding ceremony) earlier in the day and were excited to have their photos taken. During a Nikah ceremony, the couple are reminded about the conditions of the marriage as well as the agreed dowry that the groom has to give to his bride. The main point of the Nikah is to receive the bride and groom’s consent to the marriage. In their case, they have performed their ceremony and are postponing the walimah (wedding reception) until a later date. Some people wait for months and years until they host the reception and then move in together while others keep it short and host the reception in the same day or shortly after. It all depends on the couple’s circumstances and their preference. The process varies from culture to culture but the marriage requirement of having a ceremony and reception remain the same.

We wish you two a blessed and happy marriage ahead and we welcome you to the #ANH Family! 

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