Here’s a little more about us!

Our story, our purpose, and our process as a husband and wife photography team

Our Story

We are Altamish and Hannan, a husband-and-wife wedding and portrait photography team, based in Minnesota’s Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul). Photography has always been a part of our lives for as long as we can both remember. Shortly before we met, Altamish dabbled mostly with landscape photography by trekking Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, and prairies, capturing breathtaking images of her diverse terrain. He pitched his tent and pointed his camera wherever nature allured him. After gaining reputation as a skilled photo-man, Altamish soon realized that what started as a hobby quickly morphed into a trade; friends, family members, and acquaintances all began entrusting him to immortalize their events with pictures.

Hannan, however, approached photography from the angle of digital marketing and graphic design. You could find her in restaurant kitchens, between cooks and cutting boards, styling food for commercial use. Organizations and businesses all around the Twin Cities bear the stamp of her imagination and creativity. Her love for storytelling and advertising led her deeper into photography, learning how it is used today to shape the way we sell products, make decisions and perceive our surroundings.

In June of 2012, we got married and have merged forces ever since.

So how did we blaze a trail into the wedding industry? Shortly after our marriage, a few newly-engaged friends approached us. We were the couple with the “fancy cameras” and they were the couple without a wedding photographer. So with our gear piled high and our eyes wide for detail, we ventured into a profession from which we never turned back. That is how Altamish and Hannan Photography was born. Hannan has switched to photographing full time as of March 2017 and is now the lead photographer.

Our Purpose

When the candles are blown and the guests part ways and the music unspools into silence, you will want to remember the moments that made your wedding day special. In our line of work, we make it a point to immortalize those moments. So we see ourselves not as merely photographers, but as storytellers with an innocuous eye for detail. With a joyful color palette, natural backdrops, and crisp-clear images, we strive to serve the couples we work both compassionately and responsibly. Because weddings are fleeting, but the love that binds two hearts lasts forever! 

Our Process

Here is our process from our first meeting until the day you receive all of your photos. If we are a good match for your wedding vision, then let us meet and discuss further! We look forward to serving you.

5 things about us!

#1 - We love Nature and Road Trips

Our ideal vacation spot involves a complete immersion in nature. On a chilly mountainside, or beneath a starry strip of our milky way galaxy, we find time to clear our minds and reflect. See Altamish’s photos from our many road trips here; also, keep your eyes peeled for photos from our next destination: Glacier National Park this July. We can’t wait for it!

#2 - We are bilingual

Altamish and his family trace their roots to Pakistan and Kenya; beside English, they also speak Urdu. Hannan, on the other hand, is originally from Palestine and is fluent in Arabic. We speak English as our primary language and Arabic as secondary.

#3 - We love our car community

Here’s a little secret… We are members of the Minnesota Volvo Club (and unabashedly so!). Along with our fellow Volvo enthusiasts, we attend car meets to marvel and gape at the latest car models. Some of our favorite friends are from this community, and we feel blessed to have them in our lives.

#4 - Our favorite food is...

If there is one dish we could eat for dinner every day for the rest of our lives, it would be chicken tikka masala. It is an Indian dish made from a blend of aromatic spices and grilled chicken skewers, tossed into a thick and creamy tomato yogurt stew. It’s always a great day when we are having chicken tikka masala for dinner If you haven’t tried it, you’re definitely missing out!

#5 - We're Always Learning

The art of photography is ever-evolving, and only the consistently curious can master it. As practitioners of the field, we therefore commit ourselves to learning the latest technological discoveries. Our photography arsenal continues to grow; our editing software continues to upgrade; our standards continue to be raised. We believe that doing so enables us to provide the best for you in terms of service and quality.

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